More than a souvenir from Lourdes, is a range of cosmetic products, body hygiene and care to the water of the grotto of Lourdes: natural, authentic, unique


Naturels, authentiques, uniques...aux actifs bio 
et à l'eau de Lourdes

Douleur aux muscles articulations tendons

NOUVEAU : Gel musculaire et articulaire à l'eau de Lourdes  200ml

Gel articulaire musculaire tendineux

Un trésor de bienfaits 100% naturel...un concentré exceptionnel de phytothérapie et d'aromathérapie bio 

Détoxifie, Soulage, Tonifie, Hydrate, Doux, Froid ...

24,80€  (12,40€ / 100ml)

Cream of Lourdes: our exceptional French-made products

The birth of the cream of Lourdes

L'Lourdes Water: divine water, water of youth for some simplespring water from the Pyreneesfor others, it is available free to all visitors ofLourdesin search of happiness and peace. Runoff from thewater of Lourdes gushing from the bowels of the Earth, enhanced by the energy of the rock of the Grotto of Massabielle, makes the happiness of millions of visitors looking for the balance of mind and body.

Therefore, in 2009, a team of developers created a new concept
cosmetic natural and puts at your disposal of Cosmetology, hygiene and body care products to thewater of Lourdes : la Cream of Lourdes was thus born. The spring water from the grotto of Lourdes is graciously added in all our cosmetics, body hygiene and care cream of Lourdes and SOAP of Lourdes.

Assets of high quality and internationally such as organic sweet almond oil, argan oil, aloe vera bio-enriched cream of Lourdes is positioned on high range cosmetics market.
SOAP of Lourdes , be it in bread, solid or liquid, enhances the skin and hands... Product indispensable souvenir of all Christians in pilgrimage to Lourdes, it exceeds that goal by accompanying you every day, every hour of your day.

This cream gives, at home, a well-being and calmness to each wash and care.

Discover laHeavy creamand the SOAP of Lourdes.

Spring water from the grotto of Lourdes


A water from a source close to the cave. Within an underground delta, these originating waters of Batsurguere Prat of Aureilh flow into the gave de Pau...

Spring water from the grotto of Lourdes, more...

Pyrenees mountains spring waters

lourdes eau montagne pyrénées

Since it has discovered the virtues of mineral waters, the medical world considers that the cures is a natural and gentle medicine.

The world Organization of health acknowledges that thermal treatments...

Water of the Pyrenees, the suite...

Live Lourdes


You will find in this section all the events marking the press print, television, on radio on Lourdes and the range of cosmetic cream of Lourdes...

All the on-line news of Lourdes...

The miracles of the grotto of Lourdes

miracle lourdes eau grotte savon souvenir

Since the Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858, very many people say have been healed at Lourdes through water from the cave...

Miracles of Lourdes, more...

Where is located the city of Lourdes? Where to stay in Lourdes? Lourdes airport?

lourdes miracle souvenir eau

The town of Lourdes lies at the foot of the Pyrenees...

Lourdes, second city hotel of France...

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées international airport is located between Lourdes...

City of Lourdes in detail...

Bernadette Soubirous

Berndatte Soubirous de Lourdes_eau de la grotte_savon de Lourdes

Bernadette Soubirous was born in Lourdes 07 January 1844. Eldest of 9 children, his childhood was...

Bernadette Soubirous, the suite...

Lourdes souvenir

Souvenir de lourdes coffret Crème de Lourdes

As early as 1858, year of the 18 apparitions of Mary, Lourdes, becomes a place of pilgrimage and souvenirs shops grow close to the cave...

Memory of Lourdes in detail...

Grotto of Massabielle

Eau de lourdes Grotte de Lourdes

In the heart of the sanctuary of Lourdes, near the gave de Pau, is located the cave of Lourdes called the cave of Massabielle and nicknamed the grotto of the apparitions...

Grotto of Lourdes, more...

Apparitions of Lourdes

Apparitions de Lourdes Eau de la grotte Crème de Lourdes

On 11 February 1858, Bernadette Soubirous appeared the Virgin Mary for the first time...

Appearance of Lourdes, more...

Pilgrimage to Lourdes:pilgrimage Marian 2014

Calendrier 2017 des pèlerinages de Lourdes

Since the 4th century, traces of the most ancient Christian pilgrimage, is the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Christian pilgrimages...

Pilgrimage to Lourdes, the suite...

The Virgin Mary told Bernadette Soubirous 'come drink at the source and wash you.

Plaque des parôles de la Vierge à Soubirou

Wash you said Notre Dame?

Lourdes SOAP and cream of Lourdes: a valuable addition to your bathroom

Earth, the
water , the rock and the Godhead: the city of Lourdes

Purity, softness and protection are the characteristics of cosmetic items cream of Lourdes respecting all types of skin and accompanying you on a daily basis throughout your life.

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Bio et Crème de Lourdes
  • authentic
  • natural
  • certifiable bio
  • traditional
  • made in France
  • unique
  • Aloe vera bio
  • Argan oil
  • organic sweet almond oil
  • recyclable
  • eco-responsible

0% huile de palme

Sans huile de palme Creme de Lourdes

Ethique animale
et écologique

Etique animale creme de lourdes
Crème de Lourdes s'engage

Logo de Creme de Lourdes : un cosmétique divin


Creme de Lourdes authentique et naturel


  • mineral oils
  • Silicones
  • perfumes or synthetic colours
  • GMOS
  • Parabens
  • phenoxyethanols
  • glycol ethers
  • aluminum salts
  • chemical sunscreens
  • test on animals

et énergie

Espace Bien-être et Energie Crème de Lourdes


Lourdes water care

SPA in the water of Lourdes

Care body cream of Lourdes

Textile SPA cream of Lourdes

Accessories heavy cream

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